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Capture Every Pound, Every Dollar with Performance Beef

Save time and boost your profitability with the user-friendly Performance Beef platform. It’s more than a cattle app; it automates your operation and helps you make data-driven decisions.

It starts working the minute you open it. All you need is an iPad or iPhone and Bluetooth scale device compatible with a majority of scale systems already used today.


Eliminate batch sheets, automate delivery. It’s never been easier to generate real-time closeout reports, create accurate invoices and benchmark performance.


Start getting the most out of every feeding. Access real-time cattle data and analytics to better manage feed efficiencies, costs and performance – all in one place.


Manual processes cost you time. With the industry’s leading cloud-based platform, you have immediate, 24/7 access to your feedlot information from anywhere.


Head of Cattle on Feed


Satisfied Customers


Customer Retention Rate


Average Usage Hours/Day

Getting Started with Performance Beef

Your success matters to us. We have a streamlined process to answer your questions and get you successfully started
on Performance Beef.


Start with a live demo webinar with our team. We’ll show you all the features and how Performance Beef can save you time and help boost profitability for your feedyard.


Ready to use Performance Beef on your feedyard? We’ll schedule a 30-45 minute phone set-up to start your account, build your rations and enter your cattle information.


You’ve completed the phone set-up and have your Scale-Tec Bluetooth scale device. Install the Bluetooth scale on your own or work with Scale-Tec for assistance.


There’s a reason we have a 99%+ customer retention rate. Our customer success team is the best in the industry. We’ll ensure you’re set for success from day 1.

Performance Beef Customer Reviews

See why Performance Beef is the top cattle management tool for our customers.

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John Doe

Iowa Farmer

Make Better, More Profitable Decisions with Cattle Krush

Remove the guesswork and better manage risk with useful insights and financial projections with Cattle Krush. The easy-to-use cattle app
provides instant breakevens, market analytics and profit alerts.

Real Time

The easy-to-use tool includes real-time access to feeder cattle, live cattle and corn prices from the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT).


The Auction function takes the bias out of your purchasing decisions and helps you buy cattle that give you the best opportunity to make money.


Track profits on each lot on feed. You receive text and email alerts when profit goals are reached to help position your operation for higher profits.

Innovative Solutions, Cost-Effective Pricing

Our innovative solutions help boost your profitability. Pair Performance Beef with the Cattle Krush solution best suited for your feedyard.



Per Month

  • Daily feed
  • Benchmarking
  • Financials
  • Inventory
  • Invoices
  • Connect with Advisors



Per Month

  • Auction
  • Krush
  • History
  • Markets

Cattle Krush Pro


Per Month

  • Auction
  • Krush
  • History
  • Markets
  • 10 Lots - My Lots
  • Text and Email Alerts

Cattle Krush Enterprise


Per Month

  • Auction
  • Krush
  • History
  • Markets
  • Unlimited - My Lots
  • Text and Email Alerts

Let us help you save time and boost profitability today.

Meet Our Team

Dane Kuper

Founder & CEO

Dustin Balsley

Founder, COO

Justin Sexten

Vp Strategy

Chad Weigel

VP of Sales

Latest News and Updates

Here’s the latest news and ponderings from our team.

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